Contact Shirley Yardeni: 052-481-6240

Technical Writing and Translations English and Hebrew

Technical Documents

Provide Hebrew/English technical documents:

  • Original writing user guides/manuals
  • Original documenting hardware procedures
  • Translations from Hebrew to English and English to Hebrew
  • Write/edit internal and external documents
  • Arranging and compiling business knowledge and experience
  • Technical Writing and Technical Translations for Hi-tech and Low-tech industry as well as various appliances and devices
  • Apply a unified Look & Feel appearance to existing documents
  • Create templates based on the business Look & Feel requirements

Unique Combination of Skills

  • Experience in and implementation of the technical writing trade conventions
  • A professional use of MS Word
  • Hebrew and English at a mother tongue level
  • Ability to manipulate graphical elements such as tables and images

Technical Writing

  • User Guides/Manuals and Work Orders – Original Technical Writing of assembling/installation/operation procedures, including photography.
  • Professional technical documents, structured, clear and easy to use for the client and convenient to maintain.
  • Clear language (Present tense), short paragraphs (Easy to follow the content), numbered instructions (Easy to ensure what is done), constancy in the titles and headings – All these provide a professional appearance enabling a comfort navigation in the document.
  • Edit existing documents to attain structured, professional documents which enable the generation of automatic lists such as Table of Contents, List of Figures; these lists are generated and updated by a “click”, ease on navigating through the topics and maintaining the document in future versions.
  • Single Sourcing – A modular file system for assembling a large and/or complex document, which may be  combined of a server, database, product, custom adjusted, in MS Word, avoiding the need to invest in a special software.

Technical Translations – Hebrew to English/English to Hebrew

  • Technical Translations from Hebrew to English
  • Technical Translations from English to Hebrew
  • Technical translations, with all the pictures and drawings
  • Maintain, and if needed-improve, the original “look & feel”
  • Deal with “Chinese English”
  • Research for professional and accurate terms – Use of internet and field dictionaries.